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Family law is our focus

Fortuno Law is dedicated almost exclusively to family law matters. We are a cohesive team that focuses on the needs of families and clients involved in family law disputes. These cases are unlike any other, so hire professionals that are trained and experienced in handling family law matters.


From uncontested to contested, we can discuss your options and guide you through the full divorce process. You only get one real chance to ensure that the assets and liabilities are distributable equitably, to determine alimony, or to recover wasted marital funds. Let us help get it right the first time.


Spousal support is a pivotal part of many initial divorce cases, and frequently returns to court for subsequent enforcement or modification proceedings. Hire an attorney who is experienced in both negotiating and litigating alimony cases at these different stages of the court process.


Child support is an essential part of ensuring that children are provided for while equalizing the financial burden between both parents. Modification and enforcement proceedings are sometimes necessary following the original case establishing it.


The best interest of the children is the driving force behind family law courts, and the righteous cause of our advocates. We fight for the best interest of our clients’ children, and help those who were wrongfully denied timesharing find a clear pathway back to timesharing with their children.


Injunctions for Protection allow victims of certain types of violence and stalking to obtain a court order restraining the offender and imposing conditions for a period of time. We accel at both obtaining injunctions for protection for real victims, and defending against the misuse of injunctions.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that's especially true in planning your future marriage. A prenuptial agreement is a great way to add clarity to how finances will be handled both during the marriage and in the event of a divorce.

What makes us different

Fortuno Law was founded on principles of harnessing modern technology and flexible vendor services to improve the delivery of legal services while reducing unnecessary overhead costs. This includes utilizing secure cloud-based practice management software, digital document collection, and eSign services. In lieu of staff investigators and other specialists, we utilize virtual (contracted) services. This results in an efficient and responsive law office support system, ultimately saving our clients money without sacrificing quality. These technology driven solutions also allow us to be more responsive when emergencies arise and quick action is essential to client success.


Brandon Fortuno is the owner and manager of Fortuno Law, PLLC. Prior to practicing law, he served individuals and law firms in the Greater Tampa Bay region with a broad range of private investigation services. His legal investigative experience includes child custody, alimony disputes, asset searches, insurance fraud, and criminal defense. This extensive investigative experience is brought to bear in zealously advocating for his law clients.

In addition to working eight years as a law enforcement officer before moving to Tampa Bay, Mr. Fortuno has taught police academy courses in numerous topics, including interviewing, domestic violence, and elder abuse. He earned his B.A., magna cum laude, in 2014 from University of North Florida, and his Juris Doctor from Stetson University College of Law in 2018 with a concentration in Advocacy. In his continuing commitment to advocacy, he earned his LL.M. degree in Advocacy from Stetson in 2019, graduating with distinction. He is a member of the National Association of Legal Investigators, the St. Petersburg Bar Association, and the Clearwater Bar Association.

Brandon Fortuno’s combined fourteen years in law enforcement and private investigation have provided him with diverse experience in many of the complexities of legal disputes. He utilizes these experiences to more effectively counsel his clients, and to apply deeper insights into the legal and strategic decisions involved in advocating for best interests of the client.

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